February 4, 2024

I made a new discovery by looking at some old work…

Behind me today are two paintings, one made six years ago and one I’m working on now. In seeing them side-by-side, I discovered something so helpful that you may notice in your past and present work, too.

Check this out!

The earlier work presents a distant view. The small elements in the painting make us feel as if we’re looking at something from afar. The current work feels up-close. As you do more and more work, you naturally move closer to what you want to show. You feel yourself in the work, and that’s powerful! Gaining this insight can help you make juicy art more quickly. Find a favorite area in your work and ask yourself, what if I made this part giant?

Join the conversation and let me know how this lands for you.

This week on the Art2Life Podcast, I interviewed brilliant business strategist, Bonnie Wan. Bonnie has a new book called, The Life Brief. In it she offers tools and questions to help you navigate life’s decisions and obstacles and set you on a path for intentional and imaginative living. You won’t want to miss it, coming this Wednesday! Listen in from wherever you stream podcasts. Don’t forget that you can also watch the whole episode on our YouTube Channel!

Enjoy your studio time this week!


PS: I’d love to see what YOU are working on. We have an amazing Facebook Group and I just love scrolling through and seeing artists from all over the world sharing their art. If you aren’t in there yet, click here to join us!

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