March 10, 2024

What brings you alive?

I’m here making art with my friend and Art2Life Coach, Noah Woods. We talked a lot about finding clarity in our art and lives. It truly is a process of becoming yourself!

The Art of Your Life Workshop was an awesome beginning; what a fun week we had! The momentum continues with the Art2Life Creative Visionary Program. The Creative Visionary Program is a personal inquiry and discovery into what brings you alive in your art and life. We have an incredible group of teachers and coaches to lead us on this journey — it will be an amazing year!

Watch here…

Whether or not you join CVP, know that clarity comes with making art. The answers are within–and only come when you pick up a brush and get in motion. Even with 20 minutes a day, you discover what’s in and out, what you like and don’t like, and begin to unlock what matters to you. This pursuit of clarity is powerful. I cannot think of anything better to do for yourself!

Let me know in the comments if this resonates with you.

Coming this Wednesday on the Art2Life Podcast, we feature one of the teachers in the Creative Visionary Program, Chérie Healey. Chérie is an executive coach, brand strategist, and founder of SIREN, an imagination studio that supports women in finding their calling by helping them see themselves. Chérie understands that, at our core, we are all creative beings. Our discussion focuses on what it means to be truly alive. Our purpose is to know, cultivate, and express our fire and joy through art, music, or whatever work moves us.

Join us for this intimate conversation. Be sure to listen wherever you stream podcasts. Remember that you can also watch the whole episode on our YouTube Channel!

Thanks so much for being here and I hope to see many of you in CVP!


Again, I really hope to see you in this year’s Creative Visionary Program. We close doors to enrollment on Wednesday, March 13th at 11:59pm PDT.

Have questions about CVP? Bring them today to a special live call at 12pm PDT all about intuition and intellect. It is not just a little tip… It is THE way forward to making the Art of Your Life. If you’re reading this, it just might mean you need to learn this. Join me on our Facebook Page or YouTube Channel for this call.

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