March 17, 2024

I just sent some new work to my gallery…

Welcome back to the Sunday Vlog!

As artists, we are often not the best judge of our own work, and it turns out it doesn’t matter! A gallerist will have their own reasons for choosing one painting over another. I used to finish so many paintings (with a title, framing, photographing, etc.) before showing them to my gallerist, Julie Nester. After all that work, she’d end up choosing only a few. So now, I simply send her a video of options.

Watch here…

The point is to do the work you want to do. The selection process is so subjective. A gallerist, buyer, and even a viewer will have their reasons for liking one work over another.

I recently sent my gallerist a video showing eight paintings, and she chose four for her gallery. Can you guess which four? Make sure to watch the video above. The first person to write the correct four in our comments will be given one of our new Art2Life hats that are not available for purchase yet!

This week on the Art2Life Podcast my good friend and awesome storyteller, Noah Woods, is back! We have a conversation about clarity — finding clarity in our art and life. You will love this episode!

Be sure to listen wherever you stream podcasts. Remember that you can also watch the whole episode on our YouTube Channel!

I hope you make some art today!


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