March 24, 2024

Get in Motion with Palette Paper

Welcome back to the Sunday Vlog!

I love making art every day. Working even five or ten minutes in my journal is so fun! I usually don’t have a plan but here’s one way I get things going quickly. Since I use tracing paper as my palette paper, I have a collection of dried colorful sheets that I’ve saved.

Watch here to see how I use them in my journal…

I love how the paper feels in my journal. Once the sheet is glued down and trimmed, it looks so good I don’t even add to it!

What do you do to get in motion? Let me know in the comments.

Did you guess right? In last week’s vlog, I showed 8 paintings I offered to my gallerist, Julie Nester. Here are the ones she selected: #1, #5, #7, and #8. Congratulations to Marie Wolfe on Instagram who was the first to post the correct selection!

This week on the Art2Life Podcast, we’re bringing back one of YOUR favorite episodes! Tune in this Wednesday to find out which one. We’ll also be showing the full video version of the episode for the very first time on our YouTube Channel, so don’t miss it!

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