Tune Out & Drop In

Nicholas Wilton painting

I injured my hand recently, and it’s been harder to paint. Holding my tools is awkward, and I can’t lift the larger paintings onto the wall. I was trying to work anyway but reacting to my limitations completely blocked me from that flow state. Everything I was making seemed harder and not as good. After…

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The Art of Inquiry – Scott Picard – Ep 27

So much of our art and creativity comes from the unknown. From the soul. We don’t always know how, or even why, but remarkably it all seems to make sense years later. However, what if there was a way to gain access to your innate wisdom in the present. What if you could  better answer…

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This one question can change everything

colorful question marks

I’m never sure where I am going when making my art. It’s sometimes hard to know what to do next. But there is one thing I do that helps me every time: I ask a question. However, it has to be a potent one. So here is the one question that helps me find my…

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The Inner Story – Caio Fonseca – Ep 26  

Unlike most people, artists have this driving passion for never staying the same in their art. Even if what they make is tremendous or popular, they soon change. I freaking LOVE this about artists. I have it in me too. And even though I’m not entirely sure why I find such a deep connection with…

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The Thread in Your Work

5 colourful spools of thread

Posting our art on social media, seeking gallery representation, pricing, and even our own limiting beliefs, can all clutter our art lives. Yet, given all of this complicated stuff, we can often overlook the one cool thing about art-making. Here’s what I mean. There has always been a throughline for your art when you look…

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Persistence – Russell Chatham – Ep 25

On a typical day when I get frustrated with the progress in my art, I try to remember that it’s always better to measure progress over many days. Or months. Or better yet, years. Struggle is always a part of art-making. What also helps me is thinking of those who have struggled WAY more than…

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