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We don’t always know where exactly our creative path will take us. Thankfully there are clues, breadcrumbs that we can glean from others who share this journey. Each week we'll be sharing stories, insights, and inspiring talks with creatives from all walks of life from painters, writers, filmmakers, thought leaders, and all those super passionate about sharing their wisdom of self-discovery. So whether you are new to art, an established artist, or just creatively curious, this podcast is a weekly invitation to discern, discover, and then dive deeper into what brings you alive.

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The Alchemy of Art Making – Carl Heyward – Ep 101

Contrasts are interesting by virtue of what they are. They make art intriguing and exciting both to the artist and those who enjoy their work. Carl Heyward is a contemporary artist whose work is a powerful example of how the juxtaposition of ideas, colors, and even mediums can create a moving and powerful experience. His…

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