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Not getting anywhere with your painting? Try this.

I wanted to talk about transitions—where one thing ends and something else begins, like where the ocean meets the beach. There’s energy in transitions because that’s where the contrast is….

Last Painting for Show in Santa Fe

  This was the last painting I squeezed in for my recent show in Santa Fe. It has some of the qualities of looseness and richness of color I am after….painted without thinking–yes.

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Artplane Workshop at Esalen

The organic gardens at Esalen. A demo painting done at Esalen Some of the class of 2008. This years workshop was tremendous. 18 people came together and we painted till late into the evening for a week. I always find it so hard to get away to do these workshops…

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Dog wants to go for a walk

#8302, #8303, and #8304, finished. Many other paintings going on besides these but I have to free up time for the dog who waits all day long outside my studio door to go running. Maizy, rescued from a kill shelter in Oklahoma. Forever grateful, she is wonderfully sweet.

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