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Watch how I create cool effects with crayons!

Happy Sunday! I’m working in my sketchbook with crayons and thought I’d share the cool effects I’m getting. I start by making a simple pattern. Check this out… What I…

Kiwi Vine

In this painting I wanted to keep a very simple composition, but also to have a portion of the painting be detailed but quiet and subtle. Outside my living room window is a huge kiwi vine that I planted several years ago. The wind blows and the branches of this…

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Delivery Guys

One of the hard parts, for me anyway, about being an artist is all the time alone. I can get busy and not leave the house for several days. Things start to become weird after about a day and a half… sooner if I don’t change out of my pajamas…

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I have been making these tiny paper collages in preparation for doing 3 of them quite large on panel. These are about 3″ or 4″ I have so far made 10. These three seem to go together and are my favorite ones so far. =”center”a> =”center”a> =”center”a>

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